What is an easy to clean juicer?

Even if you buy the “best juicer” that money could buy, it might just sit on the shelf if it is too difficult to clean. I know that I don’t want to clean my juicer for 10 minutes every time I make a juice.

If you only care about how fast you can clean the juicer and don’t mind sacrificing the quality of juice, then I would recommend a Centrifugal Ejection juicer. The easiest to clean are the L’Equip Mini Pulp Ejection Juicer, the Omega BMJ330 Pulp-Ejection “Big Mouth” Juicer  and the Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Funtain each of these make a smooth virtually pulp-free juice and each can be cleaned in about 2 minutes.

I recommend the L’EQUIP and the Omega “Big Mouth” over the Breville model because they come with much longer warranties. The Omega comes with a 10-YEAR WARRANTY which is unheard of in a juicer less than $150. The L’EQUIP comes standard with a 3-year warranty on the blades and a 6-year warranty on the parts from Amazon.com. You can tell the manufacturers produced a higher quality product because they believe in their juicer. Regardless of that, the Breville juicer is much more popular than the L’EQUIP and the Omega, in part because of the movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead where the protagonist, Joe, uses a Breville juicer to lose over 90 lbs. Yes, this is very impressive and is really great, but it does not mean that the Breville is a superior juicer. The same results or better can be gotten with other juicers.

Better Juicers with a slightly longer cleaning time

If the juicers I mentioned above take only 2 minutes to clean, why would you ever consider a juicer that takes 4 minutes to clean? That’s literally double the time! Well, if you want the full nutrition out of your juice then you may think about it.

Omega J8006 Horizontal Single Auger Juicer

The best, easy to clean juicer that I recommend for high quality and nutritious juice is the Omega J8006 Nutrition Center which takes about 2 minutes to clean once you get the hang of it but will give you a much higher yield and better quality juice than any Centrifugal type juicer.

The only scenario that I would not recommend getting the Omega 8006 would be if you do not want to juice veggies and only are planning to juice fruits. In that case, I would recommend getting a blender, because juicers perform best with vegetables. If you want to mix in fruit into the 8006 with vegetables that is totally fine, and is even recommended. Use hard apples or pears or watermelon for best results on fruit and vegetables together.

Omega VRT350 HD Vertical Single Auger Juicer

The Omega VRT350 also known as the Omega VERT is an extraordinary slow juicer. It spins at 80 RPM which means that it retains the freshness of the juice by minimizing oxidation in the produce, not to mention it is very quiet—much quieter than centrifugal juicers. You can actually have a conversation and not have to yell while the machine is on.

This juicer costs more than the Centrifugal juicers mentioned above, but is well worth it. If you juice enough you will get your money back because the VRT350 can yield 10-30% more juice than Centrifugal juicers when juicing vegetables. Also the juice lasts longer when juiced on the VRT because of less oxidation. On a centrifugal juicer a juice will not last more than a few hours after juicing, but on the VRT it will lasts much longer (even though not recommended because the best time to drink the juice is immediately after making it).

To clean this machine is very easy as demonstrated in the video below. If you are very fast you can clean this machine in 2-3 minutes but it might take you 5 minutes.  (Note: if do not like pulp at all, do not get this juicer because it leaves more pulp than the others.)

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