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Juiceitupp.com was created to bring together all of the information available on juicers in one place so you can make the best, informed decision on which juicer to buy.

It really does take some study to understand each type of juicer and what are its benefits and downsides. There is no single best juicer and even some customers get the “best rated juicer” and end up hating it. That’s simply because a best rating from someone who only wants the highest quality juice and doesn’t mind cleaning for 6 minutes afterwards may LOVE one juicer, but you may despite cleaning and that juicer will only sit on your shelf.

So really the task is finding the juicer that best fits what you want to accomplish with juicing.

Simple guideline to choosing the best juicer

  • For juicing mainly leafy greens and other vegetables, get a Horizontal Single Auger Juicer.
  • For the fastest and easiest to clean juicer (which will sacrifice quantity of yield and quality of nutrients) get a Centrifugal Style Juicer
  • For a juicing a mix of fruits and vegetables with decently fast juicing and high quality get a Vertical Single Auger Juicer.

Juice up your life with natural juices filled with vitamins and nutrients. Explore the site for more details on which juicer would be best for you.

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