The Real 411 on Juicing – Is it Just a Fad?


Have you heard about juicing for quite a while and don’t understand what the fuss is all about? I agree. It does seem like the latest fad that more people get into. Why is this juicing trend so popular? Nobody likes crazy diets. Honestly, nobody has the time, the discipline or the money for them. And let’s not forget that drastic diets are not even healthy. Here’s where juicing is so different. It doesn’t restrict your mind or diet, but expands them. Juicing never gets boring because of all the new recipes to try. Everybody new to juicing loves it because what people say is true. It’s fun and easy!

Ok, what is juicing? First of all anyone can try it because it’s nothing extravagant. It simply extracts the pure essence of vegetables and fruits, which are nutrients and vitamins, with the catch that it’s extracted without the fiber of the pulp. Yeah that’s the scary “catch” you will get. Being left with pure organic vitamins. Come on, there is no way to lose by juicing. Nowadays we understand the importance of enough vitamins and we are sold supplements of all types to put in our system. But what better way to get vitamins than by getting them straight from nature? Pharmacy pills are artificial and are not as effective as pure natural juice. Juice is straight from nature!! You don’t have to look anywhere else for nutrients than in actual food. Juicing is like eating piles of fruits and vegetables.

Now here comes the fun part, it’s healthy AND delicious. There are infinite recipes to experiment with. If you don’t like one, that is not a problem. You can just try more and more until you find some you like. (Here’s a great beginner recipe) Trust me, you will not get bored because there is always something new to learn. You can either buy books filled with new recipes or just find them online. These recipes are very accessible and with time you’ll even end up creating your own special ones. It’s a yummy and great way to keep you and your family (including your kids) motivated to be healthy.

Now there are not just different recipes to try but also different juicing machines that fit to your needs. The most expensive ones are not necessarily the best. With time and practice you’ll find one or several that are just right for you. You may need a juicer for vegetables or maybe just a lemon squeezer. There is so much to Juicing, But you don’t need a PhD because at Juice It Upp you can get the right information you need. Insights on all the benefits of juice and on all the types of juicing machines that can help you get into this fun craze. So, get started right away or start with a friend or a family member. Hold on tight because once you start you won’t ever want to stop.

Maybe it is a fad, we’ll let you decide. Either way it’s fun and healthy thing to do!

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