15 On Point Kitchen Gifts and Gadgets

With the holidays right around the corner, you can never stock up on too many great gifts. Here are 25 of our favorite gifts that will liven up any kitchen.

1) Vegetable Spiralizer AKA Zucchini Spaghetti Maker

Can you say gluten-free, nutritious pasta? This gadget will turn any vegetable into pasta, including zucchini, beets, carrots, squash, you name it. This works for people on the Paleo diet, Kosher diet, vegetarian diet, really any diet.

2) Lemon Lime Squeezer AKA Citrus Press

It boggles my mind how many people still hand-squeezer their citrus fruit. Every single person who tries this squeezer is amazed how well it works & they “never go back” to hand squeezing. Use this to make your lemon water in the morning, to make lemonade, or to serve up a Moscow Mule. The color is also a nice vibrant addition to the kitchen.

3) Ice Pop Maker AKA Popsicle Mold

Rather than spend the money on the Ben & Jerry’s (Or let’s be honest here, in ADDITION to the Ben & Jerry’s) you can make your own ice cream with these bomb popsicle molds. You can make a healthy strawberry popsicle or kiwi or simply put some orange juice in it for an orangeade. As adults, we might not find it practical enough to spend any money on ourselves for this, but you know you’d love to get this as a gift. It’s one of the least expensive items on the list, so I recommend just getting one.

4) Kitchen Shears AKA Kitchen Scissors

Cut anything with these heavy-duty scissors. Who doesn’t need a good pair of shears in the kitchen? Cut up your chicken, ribs, or fruit. This nifty tool also works as a can opener and nut-cracker.

5) Cheese Grater AKA Lemon Zester

Ok so almost everyone already has some sort of cheese grater in their cupboard, BUT… how old are they? This one has a great design that makes it extremely easy to use and store.

6) Fish Spatula AKA Pancake Turner

Ok we’ve all had these damn silicone spatulas burn on us. You’ve probably inadvertently eaten some sort of plastic from cheap spatulas. Don’t let that happen to you or your loved ones again. This spatula is top of the line and works very well with any pan, particularly non-stick pans.

7) Portion Control System AKA Tupperware Galore

Eating healthier is something most people want to do. But it’s not always practical to cook each of your meals on the spot. We all got work to do. However, using a portion control system can make your life easier by planning meals ahead of time. If you can skip on the Mickey D’s a few times and use this instead you certainly will be cutting down the calories.

8) Popcorn Popper AKA Instant Movie-style Popcorn Maker

Movie theater quality popcorn sitting on your couch. You can hear and see the popcorn popping without worrying about burning the annoying bag that always gets burnt. I wish I had this thing when I was growing up.

9) Lunchbox AKA Adulting Without Power Rangers

Back in the day, a Power Rangers or Hello Kitty lunchbox showed you were the bomb and probably made you a few friends. However, you probably don’t want to flaunt that at your work today…. Or do you? Well if you want to stay discrete and keep your food hot or cold, get this bad boy.

10) Cone Coffee Filter AKA Coffee Drip Maker

Probably everyone you know makes coffee at home, so help em do it like a pro. With this filter you can make the blackest coffee or a super light coffee. Get back control of your coffee experience.

11) Knife Sharpener AKA The Dullness Nazi

Knives can be like bad relationships. They aren’t fun anymore, or maybe they’re just plain DULL, but somehow you keep them anyway. Instead of ditching your long-love (your knife) you can sharpen it with this Zulay Knife Sharpener. It’s the best relationship counseling you’ll ever find–15 seconds and you’re back to how it was on your first date.

12) Jar Opener AKA Juggernaut Hands

You probably do not want to give this to a man and insult his masculinity. However, for your grandmother, aunt, or as a gag-gift, this is just amazing. Even the worst, hard-to-open jars beg for mercy and open themselves when confronted with this monster of an item. Make Jar Opening Easy Again!

13) Measuring Cups & Spoons AKA Measure Everything

This colorful set of measuring spoons and cups fits in almost any kitchen, bringing a little bit of color to the scene. Well, actually a whole lot of color. While it is probably not intended as a pro-pride statement, you can always give it to a queer friend or somehow who simply loves to smile and loves colors. Let’s fact it, most measuring cups slowly disappear, so help a friend (or yourself) out by getting them a new set.

14) Salt and Pepper Grinder AKA Salt and Pepper Shaker

You can become a hipster instantly with a double-sided salt and pepper grinder. Iodized salt is so passé, get yourself some pink salt and this salt grinder and you’re on your way to good health & showing others you’re not a dinosaur. And if you already own a salt grinder, well, you probably don’t have a 2-in-1.

15) Apple Slicer AKA Apple Terminator

This thing is too cool to not post here. It cuts up your apple into perfect pieces, just like your mom used to do for you. Now that you’re older, your mom might not cut you apples and give them to you on a silver platter, but you can always use some technology to get your the next best thing.

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