The Best “Cheap” Juicer: A Hidden Treasure

After searching and searching and searching some more, you may still have not found a good juicer for under $100! Critics will tell you that juicing is expensive. Bottled juice Salespeople will tell you that an average juicer spend upwards of $14 on juice daily! That is outrageous! I don’t spend nearly that much, less than half. You can even spend nothing if you grow your own garden.

The truth is you can get a really amazing cheap juicer from Amazon that juices everything from leafy greens and veggies to carrots and beets, for only $40 with free shipping! I’m talking about the Lexen Healthy Juicer. I have gone in detail about this juicer before, but it really deserves its own post because there is nothing out there that comes close to the value of this juicer for the price. I’ve tried different juicers and love the Omega 8006 and the Green Star Elite because they are amazing juicers, but they also cost over $300.

#1 Quality Cheap Juicer

Affordable-Juicer-Lexen-Healthy-Juicer The Lexen Juicer was made by juicers who wanted a juicer that was inexpensive. It was not designed by an already-rich corporation trying to maximize profits, it was made by guys like you and me who just wanted a better juicer.

The keynote of normal cheap juicers, such as the $55 Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juicer is that they are Centrifugal style juicers which actually kill nutrients in your fruits and veggies! These kinds of juicers are not bad juicers and have infinite benefits over soda or even bottled juices—but they are not what an expert juicer would call ideal. A slow juicer is the way to go because it does not cause additional damage to your produce. The produce stays fully raw and had no additional heat.

Juicing saves you money

juicing-myths-about-money Contrary to the marketing of companies that want to sell you pre-made juices, juicing can be extremely inexpensive and can actually save you a lot of money. If you buy juices such as Naked Juice or Odwalla you can pay $5 for one bottle of juice and it is NOT NATURAL (Odwalla is owned by Coca-Cola and Naked is owned by PepsiCo). Even if it were organic and natural it is also very expensive, if you drink one of these drinks a day you can spend up to $35 a week.

A juicer is an investment. In the same way that buying a water filter will save you money on water, a juicer will save you money on juice. You are cutting out the payments to the middle men, you will only pay for the produce that makes the juice and nothing else. If you buy a juice made by somebody else, parts of the profit will go to the company who juiced the produce and bottled it! Surely not paying them and not paying for the bottle you will save money.

Cost of the most popular drinks

Sergio Zyman, the head Marketer of Coca-Cola for many years, said in his book The End of Marketing as We Know It that he focuses a lot of his time into retaining loyal Coca-Cola drinkers who consume over 10 cokes a day—people who drink this much coca-cola can spend more than $10 a day on coke. Mr. Zyman knows how to get people to buy Coca-cola, he increased sales of Coke by 10 million barrels in just a few years. That’s about the entire pacific ocean full of coca-cola (exaggeration).

In 2012 Coca-Cola had 48 Billion dollars in revenue. That is a lot of money into bottled drinks that could be better spent. In comparison, all of Whole Foods Markets combined made 11 Billion dollars in 2012, and only a small percentage of that is from produce. Juicing is much less expensive than traditional drinks. Buying an effective cheap juicer could save you hundreds of dollars on soft drinks such as Coca-Cola.

If you buy in Coke in bulk you can get a 2-liter bottle for $4 but there are many studies that show that Coca-cola is detrimental to your health and you may end up losing money later by having to pay for medical expenses.

Other Cheap Juicers

Breville Compact Juice Fountain

The Breville is one of the top-sold juicers because it is one of few juicers you will find under $100. It is great for juicing fruits and will also juice vegetables satisfactorily but with less yield than masticating juicers. If you plan on juicing only or mainly vegetables, the Lexen Juicer will be much better choice. However, if you are planning to juice primarily fruits, the Breville is potentially the best choice for a cheap juicer.

The Big Boss Juicer

The Big Boss Juicer is another very inexpensive alternative to a manual juicer. It costs about $30 less than the Breville and has the same functionality. Here you are paying less for the brand of the Breville and are only paying for the actual machine. It has a 3-inch feeder tube which can fit whole apples, thus It is very easy to use.

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