Triturating Juicers, their benefits and weaknesses

Triturating juicers are more commonly known by the name “Twin Gear Juicers” or “Double Auger Juicers”. “Triturate” means to crush or grind into a very fine powder and that is exactlty what these juicers do. Using two augers this juicer type does the best job at juicing for very high yield because it leave the pulp of the juice fully extracted of juice.

The benefits of triturating juicers are:

  • They produce very high quality juice full of nutrients
  • They create little to no oxidation of the juice due to low speeds
  • They juice vegetables and leafy greens extraordinarily well

The weaknesses are:

  • They can take a long time to clean up.
  • Juicing can take up a long time when compared to a faster spinning juicer
  • The cost is higher than most other juicers

The best Triturating juicers for household use

1) Green Star Elite GSE-5000

Best juicer on the marketThis juicer is not for the very beginning juicer because it comes with a hefty price and customizable screens, knobs and features. However, when you can and do master this machine it becomes the Elite to juice greens and fruits (Hence, the name).

It is actually the juicer that patented the Twin Gear technology. Other “Twin Gear” Triturating juice machines are simply copy cats. The patent includes a magnetic and bioceramic technology with a specialized set of augers. It does the job of fully extracting juice better than most. It has been even shown in at least one study that it beats the quality of juice from the $2,500 Norwalk Juicer.

2) Green Star Deluxe GS-3000

The Green Star Deluxe Juicer also has Tribest’s patented Twin Gear technology, but the difference is that the Deluxe does not have a 3-step juicing process.

The Deluxe is about $50 less than the Elite but misses out one of Green Star’s best features. So, if it is possible to spend that extra $50 the Elite will probably be worth it. Otherwise, this triturating juicer does a splendid job at getting a very high yield from juices and will live up to the expectations of a Dual Gear juicer.

3) Super Angel 5500

This was a huge fad a while back and there were and are tons of rave reviews about it. Well, there better be because this juicer costs over $1,000. It has almost perfect reviews on Amazon and it is an exceptional juicer.

However, because of its unaffordable price range, the company went out of business and these are no longer being produced. That’s why you’ll see only third party sites selling the juicer.

The manufacturer claims that it is the only juicer “that can extract seed juice as well as live enzyme calcium.” So it can actually juice raw seeds…. I am not in the business of getting you to buy this juicer, but there are a lot of people that compare this juicer to Omega juicers and are blown away by the Angel Juicer. If you are not worried about spending money then this juicer may be your #1 juicer for years and years to come as it is made with 100% Stainless Steel. That is, ALL of the juicer is made with stainless steel, it has no plastic. So yes, it is luxurious and expensive.

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