Manual Citrus Juicers: get the the best and the cheapest

Manual citrus juicers work superbly for the price because you are putting in that elbow grease and human effort into your juice which gives it a special touch. Be aware that you might just start buying a lot more oranges and lemons if you get one of these juicers!

Primary Benefits of using a manual citrus juicer

  • The cost: It is a no brainer that a manual citrus reamer or juicer saves you money compared to an electric one.
  • Ease of use: If you are juicing a small amount, such as one lemon for a tea, taking out an electric juicer may simply be a hassle to take out and store again. On the other hand, a manual reamer from your drawer is perfect for this use.
  • Ease of cleaning: an electrical citrus juicer may have 4 to 6 parts to clean and may take a few minutes to clean. Also every once in a while you may want to clean the parts that aren’t supposed to get juice on them, such as the wires and you may not want to mess with that. With a manual juicer you get to clean faster and more thoroughly.
  • Noise: An electric juicer can be very noisy and if you’re making breakfast with orange juice you may wake someone up. Manual hand squeezers are silent and probably more relaxing. I know that I could do without the loud noise.
  • Amount of juice: once you get used to a handheld reamer, you can make more juice from your fruits. You can be much more efficient with a reamer or squeezer because they are made to get every last bit.
  • The workout: this may sound like a joke, but your hands and arms do get stronger when using the manual juicers. If you would like to have a more firm handshake, then a lemon or orange reamer would be great for you.

Complications of using handheld citrus squeezers and reamers

  • Time consumed in juicing: you will spend more time when juicing a large amount of fruits. So if you are planning to make juice in bulk for your family, doing it manually will take you longer than doing it with an electric equivalent.
  • Physical exertion: even though it’s a good workout, you may not like it. Your hands may also get tired and you will not want to juice another ounce. However, any juicer will be a lot easier on your hands than if you squeeze the lemon with your bare hand.
  • Requires a strainer for no pulp: If you want pulp free juice, you will likely need to strain the juice. Most electrically operated juicers do have a setting to have no pulp which can be convenient.
  • What they can juice: you are limited really to oranges, limes, lemons and grapefruit. With a full-on juicer you can make juices from other citrus fruit, hard fruit, veggies, leafy greens, wheatgrass and more. With a homogenizer attachment you can even make nut butters, baby food, pasta, fruit ice cream, you name it.

Guide to Citrus Juicers
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Manual Citrus Squeezers

These are great lemon, lime and orange squeezers

PictureJuicerApprox. PriceAverage Rating
PictureJuicerApprox. PriceAverage Rating
Zulay Kitchen 2-in-1 Lemon and Lime Squeezer$165 Stars
Aluminum Citrus Squeezer by Smart Cook $84.5 Stars
Norpro Lime Squeezer $104 Stars
French Lemon Squeezer $114.5 Stars
Generic Red Aluminum Citrus Squeezer $12.505 Stars
OXO Good Grips Citrus Squeezer $164 Stars

Citrus Juice Presses, Commercial Grade

These are heavy-duty, the models they use in restaurants

PictureJuicerApprox. PriceAverage Rating
PictureJuicerApprox. PriceAverage Rating
Jupiter Commercial Juice Press by OrangeX $1204.5 Stars
Pro Commerical Manual Citrus Juicer by Sky Enterprise $454 Stars
All Metal Heavy Duty Commercial Citrus Press by Always Bargain $904.5 Stars
The Pomegranate Juice Press with Bonus Free Lime Squeezer $75 Refurbished4 Stars
Hamilton Beach 932 Commercial Citrus Press $1754.5 Stars
Focus Foodservice 97302 Olympus Commercial Press $1804.5 Stars

Handheld Reamers

Cheaper than the other categories, but require more elbow grease

PictureJuicerApprox. PriceAverage Rating
PictureJuicerApprox. PriceAverage Rating
OXO Good Grips Wooden Reamer $65 Stars
Norpro Bamboo Citrus Reamer $6.505 Stars
Art and Cook Citrus Reamer, Chrome$6.505 Stars
Tovolo STANDZ Citrus Reamer $115 Stars
Tovolo Double-Ended Citrus Reamer $125 Stars
OXO Good Grips Aluminum Reamer $184 Stars

Countertop Manual Reamers

Might be the sweet spot, a balance between efficiency and price

PictureJuicerApprox. PriceAverage Rating
PictureJuicerApprox. PriceAverage Rating
Citrus Juicer By MSC $6.504.5 Stars
Progressive Int'l Citrus Juicer $74 Stars
Harold Import 43214 Glass Citrus Juicer $104.5 Stars
Progressive Int'l Citrus Juicer with Measure $13.505 Stars
OXO Good Grips Citrus Juicer $154 Stars
StainlessLUX "Brilliant" Stainless Steel Juicer $174 Stars

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